How Root Pruning Is Done

This is a horticultural technique for trimming the roots of a plant. This might sound alarming as it could damage the roots, but if it is done right it can help resolve several issues. There are certain tools that are required for root pruning that need to be sharp and clear. Gardeners need to keep some tools aside for root pruning as these need to overcome the grit that rises from the soil which is around the roots. 

What is root pruning?

Roots help to maintain health and hold a plant in the soil. Plants are kept stable due to the roots as well as they receive necessary nutrients from the soil. With root, plants are also able to force out competing roots of other plants that might wish to take up soil space. In root pruning the non essential roots are removed so that the delicate and small roots remain for trees and plants to access nutrients with. Those who are expert in gardening tasks like nice lawn mowing can also perform root pruning.

Why opt for root pruning?

There can be several reasons for root pruning, but that are mainly done at the time of transplantation. When shrubs or trees are being transplanted, the roots are found to be sprawling. In such a time it is best to prune the root ball which is the cluster of several roots that form the drip line which gathers the nutrients. The tree is then transplanted. The tree or shrub plant usually grows out new roots that help to stabilize the plant. Those who are experienced in complex gardening tasks like tree lopping Clovelly are able to get root pruning done as well. Root pruning is also done to manage size. It helps to control plants that are grown in small containers such as bonsai. In such cases the root pruning is necessary to prevent the whole container being filled up. Plants are unable to take in all nutrients when the roots grow out more and often it can lead to the plant being uprooted as well.

Get expert help

Since root pruning is a delicate procedure, you can opt to get it done by experts. Many gardening experts and services specialize in such and related tasks. Hence, one could simply call in gardening experts to conduct such tasks, either regularly or once or twice in a month as per your gardening requirements. Having experts to look into the care for your garden will ensure that all such requirements are taken care of, such as root pruning, lawn mowing, shrub trimming and so forth.