Giving Your Garage A Makeover? Here’s What You Need To Know

Whether you’re using it as a storage or a place to park your car; the garage is one of the most important features of a home. So, if you’re finally decided to give yours a much-needed makeover, here are a few tips to help you on your mission to create the ‘perfect garage.’ 

Use – Is it going to be a storage space, a car park, or a place to chill and practice your hobby? It’s very important you decide on the use of your new garage so that you can go ahead with the purchasing and planning. In order for you to go ahead with the rest of the process be it buying the necessary equipment or getting the garage door repair Sydney done; you need to know its specific usage. If the new garage is a storage space, you need to choose a design that provides extra space for cabinets, shelves and wall space as well. If the garage is going to be used as a car park, you need to consider the size of your vehicle for consideration. The type of vehicle you are driving also matters. For example, if you are driving a large vehicle like a truck or a SUV, you need to make sure, that the garage is constructed with deeper bays and tall overhead garage doors. Even if you are driving a bike, it matters as then you need to make space for bike lockers. Finally, if it’s going to be a workspace, design your garage in a way that it allows plenty of ventilation and room so that you can work on your project at ease. There are so many DIY ideas that you can look up online.

Detached or Attached?

Do you want your garage to be completely detached from your house, or do you want it to be attached while providing easy access? If the garage is used as a car park, the former is most suitable as it then keeps the oil and petrol fumes contained within the unit. A detached garage also makes it easier for expansion, should you consider it later on.

Security – Garages are very easy targets for burglars, so you need to make sure that the new unit is well secured, whatever be its use. Security is most important if it an attached garage, as then it provides the robbers with access to the house as well. Have locks fitted on all doors and windows and for good measure, install CCTV cameras or a security system. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.