Why You Should Choose Antenna Genie

The Sydney based antenna and multimedia business is family owned which has an aim to provide their customers with the best services without any complaints. When it comes to TV installation, there is no better choice than Antenna Genie. We have a team of experts who come at your door step to install TV antenna with the proper and professional equipment and skills. Our business is completely legal, licensed and certified by the government. Antenna Genie is a name of the best brand for reception solution and TV installations in the town. Antenna Genie was started in 2005 until today having a great number of trusted customers. Our team believes in efficient work in a really quick way. We have been working for many people in Sydney since 2005. We have an experienced team that specializes in tv installation, tv aerial installation and antenna repairs Wollongong that benefits you with the best services. Our services include:

TV Mounting:

Antenna Genie provides services for mounting the TV on the wall; it makes the look more pleasant than the TV placed on a medium. Besides the look it has a benefit that TV mounted on the wall avoid many accidental risks that occur when TV is placed on a medium, there is no chance to fall down.

Extra TV outlets:

More people in the house? More TV you need, but it’s not just a question of a TV, you need more TV outlets in your house. Antenna Genie will help you out with this too. Our experts will set more TV outlets in your house. We’ll provide you the same strength of signals despite extra TV outlets. We’ll be there at your place at a phone call and provide you our best services for setting up the entire procedure.


MATV and SMATV, abbreviated by Master Antenna Television and Satellite Master Antenna Television respectively. They can supply reception to more than one rooms having only one antenna or satellite as the source. Antenna Genie will help you with this too, if you’re looking forward to set up MATV or SMATV there is no better contact than Antenna Genie.

Antenna Installation:

Antenna Genie is one of the best brand of the expert technicians to install an Antenna in your house, office or any other place.Installation of Foxtel Satellites:

Antenna genie provides a service of installing Foxtel satellites all over the Sydney with amazing result and affordable price.Pixelating Problem:

Pixelating problem, one of the most annoying problem everyone faces and want it to be fixed up as soon as possible. Our experts will fix it for you and provide you with the guidance to avoid these type of issues.