Keeping The Pests Away From Your Pets

For everyone having a pet at their home, be it a 16 year old teenager with a golden retriever as his best friend or a 40 year old woman single but living with twenty five cats, these furry friends can be a huge part of their lives. And when they’re trying so hard protecting them like their own children, pests like heartworms, fleas and ticks can be a massive threat to their loved ones. Mosquitos might only hang around for the season but the other nasty tiny pests can be a year around challenge even when the winter chill air gets us believing they won’t survive it. So what are a few ways to help keep these insects out and away from your pests? Read below to find out.

Bathe Regularly.

I wasn’t talking about you but rather the pets, although as much as you’d like to go without having to shower for about a week, if you want your pets to be clean you might want to consider cleaning yourself first. No offense, I was just stating facts. Anyways, regularly bathing your pets is one way to defend the fleas or ticks from hiding beneath your pet’s fur and make their poor lives miserable. So resort to bathing them often, keep track of it and when you do, wash them thoroughly and clean up wounds because pests are drawn to blood.

Keep The Yard Clean.

If you living anywhere around Werribee and your front porch or yard looks like a gigantic mess with overgrown weeds and abandoned trashcans idling around, and you’re considering having a pet, I’d say you first clean your yard or even hire out pest control before you do buy one. Having a well maintained front or back yard will help keep the pests out as most pets love taking mini strolls outside and you don’t want them to be contaminated with deadly diseases caused by these pests.

Clean Your Pets Belonging Often.

Most pests from roaches to rats, have a tendency to happily indulge in the food kept out in the open for your pets. One way to avoid attracting them is by storing pet food in a tight container and make sure to keep them off the ground, although they do sniff up all the way up to wherever the food is kept open and hide beneath the food, having finally found their heaven. However in addition to their food, you should also keep everything your pets get in contact with regularly, clean. This includes their toys and cute mini beds. Furthermore contact pest control Lara, to keep the pests out on a regular basis from your entire house. As it’s always better to be safe than sorry since you never know where these tiny creatures are hiding.

Inspect Your Pets Before They Walk in.

I must first say that it’s best to keep your pets indoors at dusk and dawn, as many mosquitos are active during the early morning and early evening and keeping them in during these times would reduce their exposure. Next, make sure to carefully look through their fur when they walk in from outside as your pests might have caught fleas and ticks hiding in them. In addition you don’t want your pet capturing a rodent and dragging it along with them into the house, so whenever they enter your house, make sure they’re not bringing anything unwanted inside.